Spotlight: An Interview with Ziggy Marley

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We are honored and excited to have Ziggy Marley performing at three (Vermont, Colorado, and California) of our four Wanderlust Festivals this summer. As the fire-keeper in the great musical linage of his father Bob Marley, Ziggy’s positive vibrations transcend his live performances and serve as a call to action for human rights and environmental activism across the globe. Our very own Dan Wilf had a moment to ask Ziggy a couple of questions about his music, and much to our surprise and delight, his yoga practice.

WL: Lots of people have called your music and lyrics inspirational, positive, and uplifting -- the same words used to describe the practices of yoga. Are you in fact a yoga practitioner?

Ziggy Marley: Yea mon, I started learning the yoga when I was just a youth in high school. The reason why I started to learn about it was because I was looking into different philosophies and ideas and doing my personal search. I found a few books in high school, and started doing the exercises, it made me feel more flexible and spiritual. You know, more comfortable in my body and things.

WL: Gotcha, I didn’t even realize that you practiced yoga. Do you have a favorite pose at the moment?

ZM: What I've been doing lately is the Sun Salutation, I kinda stretch out that way everyday. I do yoga whenever I feel like it and the sun salutations are a good way to stretch the whole body. I don’t really follow any set poses; I just do my thing and let my body move how it wants to. You know, connecting to the natural energy, that is what I do in my yoga.

WL: Right on, that’s what its all about. Meditation has long been linked to reggae music and Jamaican culture. Do you think that there are lots of parallels between reggae music and meditation?

ZM: Ya mon, you know music is one of the original things that existed in the universe and an integral part of the human spirituality. It is like the original meditation. So yeah, of course there are similarities between the yoga and music and reggae music especially. For me reggae music is like a meditation, a mantra, a spiritual thing that is from the heart and the spirit. This is how I look at the music I make, it’s very spiritual. Yoga is very similar for me in that aspect. 

WL: I know that you have played concerts and events all over the world. Is it exciting for you to play to a packed crowed of charged up conscious yogis as opposed to just a normal crowd?

ZM: Well you know people, human beings, we’re all the same. When I go play I don't want to look on anything or have opinion of what the people are and what they do. I am there to do what I do. Basically I just see human beings, I see the people, I see family, and I do my thing. So it will be very nice to play for a crowd of people who see things the same way, ya mon, I’m excited. 

WL: Gotcha. You know that Wanderlust has the best yoga teachers on the planet all teaching classes, are you going to pop into any yoga classes?

ZM: You know man, I don't know it depends on the time and how I feel, I am a person and I have feeling, everything depends on my intuitions and how I feel. So yea mon, we will see, you know?

WL: Absolutely, hopefully I’ll catch you in class!

ZM: Yea mon, irie.

WL: Irie. 

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