Speakeasy Series

The Speakeasy is a series of dynamic lectures covering a wide variety of subjects related to the mindful life. Get comfy on the couch or cozy up on some cushy pillows, sip on some free tea and kombucha, and listen to some of the most fascinating people in the world of wellness talk about a wide range of topics including meditation, nutrition, technology, music, organics, spirituality, yoga, and more. We have an amazing lineup of speakers in store for you that can be seen here.

Speakeasy sessions are free to yoga + music ticket holders. Seekers and Sages may register for any number of Speakeasy talks, and Pilgrim ticketholders may register for talks on the day of their ticket (maximum 2 allowed). You can schedule your Speakeasy sessions here.
JuilThe California Speakeasy Series is sponsored by Juil Sandals.

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