The Uncommons

Many towns and events have a local public commons, a green space where people come together, meet up and hang out. At Wanderlust, we have such a place, but it's anything but common. Introducing The Uncommons, the place for people with uncommon talents to gather at Wanderlust. Here's what you can look forward to:

Hoopnotica Flow Circle
622 The Uncommons features Wanderlust's hooping experience presented by Hoopnotica. The Hoopnotica Flow Circle offers a variety of classes from the basics of waist hooping to more advanced spirals, spins and corkscrews! Hoopnotica also offers scheduled Open Hoop Jam classes and a daily Sunset Hoop Jam free to all ticketholders. Check out the high cardio workout program that it is taking the world by storm here. (Hoops for all classes provided.)

623 The common meaning for body art is "art on the human body." At Wanderlust, the uncommon meaning is art made with the human body. AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts. These lineages form the foundation of a practice that Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer co-founded in 2003, which has since touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people world-wide. It is a systematic approach accessible to every practitioner by embodying trust, connection and playfulness. You are invited to explore compassionate self-nurturing, supportive partner and transformational community practices. Ignite our collective potential and experience the full spectrum of your being by giving and receiving, supporting and being supported, inhaling and exhaling. Turn your world upside-down! 

624 Slackline yoga (or slackasana) has been described as "distilling the art of yogic concentration."  To balance on a 1" peice of webbing lightly tensioned between two trees is not easy, and doing yoga poses on it is even more challenging.  Yet despite the seemingly impossible nature of the act, it is acheivable by almost anyone with a little bit of perserverance and patience.  The practice has many layers, simultaneously developing focus, dynamic balance, power, breath, core integration, flexibility, and confidence.  Utilizing standing postures, sitting postures, arm balances, kneeling postures, inversions and unique vinyasa, a skilled slackline yogi is able to create a flowing yoga practice without ever falling from the line. 

Tea House
625 Care for tea? We don't serve crumpets -- but you might get a lecture on Sufism, some Kombucha and a kirtan at the Uncommons tea house. 
Earth Harp
The Earth Harp is the world’s largest stringed instrument. The golden strings span out from the stage and use the architecture or landscape to create a 50 ft – 1000 ft harp, placing the audience inside the instrument. The Earth Harp was invented in 1999 by William Close, Artistic Director of MASS Ensemble, and received its name when it first ran its strings across a valley, 1000 feet, literally turning part of the Earth into a giant harp. Andrea Brook, Associate Director of MASS Ensemble, will be attaching the Earth Harp to the Prana Shala and offering shows nightly at sunset, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8-8:30pm. Andrea has toured internationally with the Earth Harp for over a decade; she, William and MASS Ensemble have presented visually and sonically stunning performances around the world, including at the Temple at Burning Man, the Coliseum in Rome, the Space Needle in Seattle, the Grand Theater in Shanghai, and a 9th Century castle in Italy. Andrea will be joined by vocalist/violinist, Onyay Pheori, and multi-language percussionist, Ricardo Hambra.

Come to the Uncommons and tap into your uncommon side.