Preparing for your Trip

Nestled in beautiful Squaw Valley, Wanderlust CA takes place in North Lake Tahoe – part of the epic Sierra Nevada mountain range. For most of us, the daily flow will consist of a mix of great yoga classes, high-altitude hanging, a bit of outdoor exploration, some poolside lounging, and a lot of dancing. A bit of planning and precaution is in order.



-Sunscreen: We recommend using SPF30 or higher as we will be upwards of 8,000 feet in elevation. Trust us, you don't want to get burned.

-Hat: A stylish compliment to sunscreen. Keep the sun out of your eyes and take preventive measures against the dreaded "tomato face".

-Sunglasses: The final element of the epic "sunscreen, hat, sunglasses" trilogy to ensure a weekend of feeling and looking cool. Ever take yoga class in your shades? This is your chance.

-Reusable Water Bottle: Around the clock yoga and dancing in the sun at 8,000+ feet – yes, water is a must. There will be plenty of refilling stations located around the festival grounds. Please hydrate accordingly.

-Yoga Mat/Towel/Props: These items will not be provided at the festival. While these items will be available for purchase from some of our vendors, we recommend bringing whatever you need to be most comfortable in your practice.

-Fleece/Jacket: It's sunny and beautiful during the days, but when the sun goes down it can get quite chilly at on the mountain. We recommend bringing a light jacket or a fleece to keep you warm during all of your evening revelry.

-Digital Camera: Take some pics home to show mom, or to brag about with you friends. Trust us, there will be a plethora of good photo ops.

-Photo ID: Don't leave home without it.

-Ear Plugs: These little guys come in handy for those of us with sensitive ears.

-Small backpack: to put all of your stuff in while you get down at Wanderlust. Please note that all bags will be subject to search.




-Lawn furniture


-Air horns

-Hard coolers


-Alcoholic beverages

-Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia

-Glass bottles and cans

-Fireworks or incendiary devices

-Weapons, knives or firearms of any kind

-Large back packs (camping style)


-Video equipment

-Professional photo equipment (SLR cameras, i.e. removable lens cameras)

-Audio recording equipment

-Items intended for sale/promotion