Group Tickets

Group Tickets

Rally a crew of your favorite fun-lovin' down-doggers and save money on your Wanderlust tickets through our group sales program!  The program works like this: buy 10 tickets and get 10% off the regular price. Pretty simple, right? Even better, if you purchase 20 tickets you will receive 10% off plus one free Sage ticket. Come with your crew save some cash -- click below to purchase your group tickets today.


We are also offering housing packages so you can stay together in a beautiful house within minutes of the festival.  Mountain cabins sleep 9 to 16 people and feature modern amenities.  Email and say you're interested in group lodging.



If you are buying 10 or more tickets of the same type (e.g., 10 Sages or 10 Seekers), you can just click the buttons below and purchase directly through our website.  If you want to mix ticket types (say 7 Sages and 3 Seeker), simply email us at and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly. Each group must have a group leader who will be the point of contact. The group leader will provide names of all members in the group, purchase the tickets, distribute the ticket numbers to members so they can schedule, and communicate with group members. The entire group must be registered as one block at one time. 


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Class Scheduling

Once you buy your tickets, you'll receive an order number via email.  You can then collect payment from your group members and distribute your order number and your email address to them, which they can use to "link" their ticket to their class schedule.  Remember that each person should only link once -- it's one ticket per person per schedule.  Everyone in the group thus can select whatever classes they prefer.


Group Pricing

Number in Group    SageSeeker
1-9$450 (regular)   $375.00 (regular)
20+$405 + free ticket  $337.50 + free ticket



Contact Group Sales

For more information or to submit a request, please contact Group Sales.